entryway bench three ways

I had been saying to Matt for months how nice a bench would look in our entryway and kept hinting that he should make one for me. I got an “I owe you” at Christmastime, and not long after, he had made it for me (#whineandyoushallreceive). He left the paint job up to me, and naturally I decided to paint it a light pink. A couple of coats later, and it’s looking perfect in our little entryway.

I already had an idea of how I’d style the bench but I wanted to show some options for when I want to switch things up. Here are three ways I would style my entryway bench and hopefully they’ll inspire you too!



This is how my bench is currently styled – I’m probably going to switch out the pillow soon just to change things up a bit, but I’m liking this so far. I’m also stunned that my dogs have yet to attack the sheepskin rug (which I’m obsessed with, fyi).



Another option is to place a potted plant on the bench. I specifically like this size of plant here because it’s too small to place on the floor and I have a hard time finding table / shelf space for it.



Lastly, this is a super simple look but I like it because it kind of makes the bench feel welcoming for what it is originally intended for – sitting on! It’s tidy, adds a bit of interest/personality and still leaves room for when you need to sit down to put on your boots.

ps. don’t mind Oscar’s photobomb in the second last pic!


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