everything’s coming up pink roses


I love treating myself to flowers – it’s a splurge that I can rationalize more often than not. I figure they are especially worth it since I work from home and can basically enjoy their beauty 24/7, they brighten up our house and I literally smile every time I walk by them or catch a glimpse of them. I usually find a good deal on whatever flowers are in season (I definitely OD’d on tulips this spring!) but sometimes there are limited options available (and that’s when I really miss all the flower vendors downtown Toronto!).

This past weekend I picked up a small bouquet of pink roses. They cost me $7.99 at Metro and to be honest, they didn’t look that appealing when I brought them home. I immediately got to work on making them look like the smile inducing flowers I wanted. Here are the simple [and I mean simple – this post is really intended to serve as a reminder of how easy it is to spruce up grocery store flowers – and not a list of complicated instructions by any means!] steps I took to turn my flowers into a beautiful bouquet:









  1. First I removed all of the outer petals (that are slightly browned and dull looking).
  2. Next I tore off all of the leaves from each stem.
  3. I measured the stem to the vase I was planning on using and cut them a bit longer than necessary because you can always cut more if you need to.
  4. I arranged the flowers in the vase and decided to cut the stems shorter.
  5. Ta-da! By having the flowers just slightly taller than the vase, the flowers fill in the vase nicely. I actually don’t even recognize the roses that I picked up at the grocery store anymore!


So they next time you’re grocery shopping and feel like treating yourself (and you should!) grab a simple bouquet and spend a couple of extra minutes making it look like it came from the florist!



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