double doggy bed

IMG_3413As much as I love the idea of letting Chase and Oscar sleep in our bed, Matt and I just never have a good sleep when we do. Not to mention all the dog hair (there’s just so much dog hair!!). For a long time, we’d have them sleep on the floor next to us in a typical ugly dog bed but eventually I’d have to throw it out because it couldn’t be washed. I was on the hunt for a new dog bed that was big enough for both of them and was at least kind of pretty. When after months of searching I still couldn’t find what I had in mind (for a decent price) I decided to make it myself. The materials only cost me about $35 and it couldn’t have been easier. Here’s how I made a beautiful dog bed for Chase and Oscar:






  1. I found a duvet cover (twin size) online for a killer price – only $11.99!
  2. I went to Walmart and bought a mattress foam (double size – it fit the twin duvet perfectly).
  3. Initially I just placed the foam inside the duvet, which I thought was totally fine, but decided to add an older blanket that I already had as well, for extra padding.
  4. Next I folded the duvet into thirds – which makes it plenty large enough for both dogs to fit on. Also, only folding it in half doesn’t make it as padded.
  5. The dogs love their bed (I can only assume, but they do sleep soundly through the night) and they still get to come up into our bed for some weekend morning cuddles. I love the look and it’s so easy to clean – I can simply vacuum it or throw the duvet cover in the washing machine.

xo Elizabeth

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