sweet valley life lately


I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels like summer is flying by. I’ve been cherishing this beautiful weather and spending as much time outdoors and in the water as possible (and slathering on the SPF 60!). Last Friday my mom and I enjoyed some live music in Centennial Park in Eganville and on Saturday my aunt and uncle celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary at Sands on Golden Lake. As for this weekend I’ll be celebrating my sister-in-law’s 30th birthday and of course – hanging out by the pool. Hope your summer has been lovely so far!

IMG_3643My Uncle Ron and Aunt Elaine’s 50th wedding anniversary celebration – how timeless is her dress?!

IMG_3640Listening to April Verch perform with her dad and husband last Friday night in Centennial Park.

IMG_3628I lost it when my nephew Brock showed up for a swim at my mom’s house in his wet suit! Adorable!

IMG_3586Our current living room situation (minus the glorious peonies!).

IMG_3542Out for a stroll with the pups.

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