we’ll always have paris!


This time last year, Matt and I were just returning from our trip to Paris. Matt had already been a number of times and I’d always dreamed of going one day. It was kind of on a whim that we decided to book our flights last summer – the timing was right so we just did it! Matt also thought that taking me to Paris would mean I would stop “whining” about wanting to go… but he was very wrong. Since now that I know exactly how amazing it is, I continue to express how much I need to go back! Until then, however, I love to look at our photos – which I thought I’d share with you today – along with some tips that I will remember for our next adventure.

Carry-on Only 

Matt and I were adamant that we were not going to check a bag on this trip. We decided it was just not worth the hassle of lugging around a huge suitcase, or waiting at baggage claim. I was really thoughtful about what I was going to pack and wear on this trip and was realistic (even though we were going to Paris – the fashion capital of the world – I didn’t bring a single pair of heels!). I packed pieces that were comfortable and stylish and that would coordinate with other items. I remember unpacking once we got home and there was just a single item that I hadn’t worn – a pair of shorts that I’d packed just in case of extreme heat – and I was so impressed with myself!

Keep a Travel journal

Something that I can’t recommend enough is keeping a travel journal. Of course I took A LOT of photos, but I wanted to make sure I would remember all the things the pictures don’t show. Every night before bed (or the next morning) I would write about our day and any funny/wild things that had happened. I’m so glad I have those memories that I would otherwise totally forget about.

Shop… but not too much!

Traveling is expensive… I knew I wasn’t going to shop ’til I dropped but I of course I had to bring back something that would forever remind me of this trip. Before we left, I did some research and decided on a wallet that I really loved (I’ve come to realize that buying a wallet when I travel has become “my thing”) and so it was nice to know what I was going to buy… unless I found something better of course!

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