rose gin for the win

IMG_3771I’m not too picky about alcoholic beverages – if I’m asked what I want to drink at someone’s house, my response is usually, “whatever you’re having”. However, since my recent huge, crazy, life-altering decision to cut out sugar, I’ve become more selective. I really enjoy Social Lites (grapefruit and lime are the best flavours) but sometimes they can be hard to get your hands on… (small town thing?). I’ve also tried the new Nutrl Vodka coolers which were pretty good. The thing is.. these drinks are so simple and easy to make on your own with just three ingredients… a spirit of your choice, a splash of fruit juice and sparkling water.

I’ve had a bottle of Dillon’s Rose Gin on my shelf for awhile and decided to make a super simple and sugar-free cocktail with it. Mixing the gin with the juice of a lime and topping it with lime La Croix resulted in a refreshing, clean cocktail with a nice hint of flavour.

ps. another pro to cutting out sugary alcoholic drinks is no hangover! Seriously, it makes a huge difference. (I’ve tested the theory at a recent bachelorette, birthday party and wedding!). Enjoy!






xo Elizabeth

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