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I read Worry-Free Money last spring but I think the beginning of a new year may call for a re-read. I can’t recommend it enough. Whether you’re rolling in dough or pinching your pennies, I think everyone can benefit from this book (okay, if you’re “rolling in dough” maybe not so much!)

The book is split into three sections where the author, Shannon Lee Simmons offers helpful tips for how to spend and save your money and she gives real-life examples that are relatable and helpful. The main thing that stuck with me was figuring out where things fall on your happiness scale before you spend your money and to realize that everyone’s happiness level is not the same for all things.

She also says to be more thoughtful about what you buy. Sometimes I can put an item in my online shopping cart that I can’t live without! it in the moment… but more often than not, I realize after a few days that I don’t need or even want it anymore. Of course, there are other times when I decide that I do still really want it after a few days or weeks, so I pull the trigger and make the purchase. And ultimately feel less guilty about it too.

I’m not that into self-help books but I do really recommend this one since it offers such practical, helpful advice. Pick it up if you feel like it – it’s a quick, insightful read!


xo Elizabeth


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