my best friend’s birthday

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Today is my best friend’s birthday and it’s kind of a big deal.

Megan and I went to high school together but didn’t start hanging out / acknowledging each other’s presence until our last semester. And it wasn’t until the summer after our first year of university that we became BFFs. We binge watched Sex and the City in my parents’ basement and savoured every minute with each other until we had to go back to school in the fall. After university we lived together in Toronto for a year and it was amazing – we had a ball. We were both doing more schooling and working but we found lots of time to have fun.




Since then, Meg has literally travelled the world, volunteering and working for many different organizations. She’s been to Costa Rica, Thailand, Palestine, Egypt, Tanzania and that’s just to name a few! Needless to say, I have an array of souvenirs from her travels that I cherish (and they make me feel so worldly!).



We would Skype and keep each other in the loop on all the gossip in each other’s life no matter where she was. She now lives on the beautiful Danforth in Toronto and I get to stay with her and her husband Derek and their pup Holly when I make a trip to the big city.

I hope you have an amazing birthday, Meg! Love you so much!

xo Lizzie

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