birthday traditions

Last Saturday was my birthday and no matter how old I get, I always insist on keeping certain birthday traditions that I’ve had for YEARS. It’s just not my birthday if these things don’t happen.


  1. Dirt cake – My mom made this cake for Easter about 15 years ago and I fell in love. It’s like a cheesecake layered with Oreo crumbs and it’s so rich and delicious. I’ve had it as my birthday cake for as long as I can remember and look forward to it every year.
  2. Shopping with Mom – either on my birthday or close to it, my Mom and I will make a trip to Ottawa to do some shopping. It’s always nice to do some spring/summer shopping and treat myself to something new.IMG_4729
  3. Instyle Magazine – I hardly ever buy magazines anymore but I’ll always insist on getting the March issue, which is always a nice thick one full of inspiration for spring.
  4. A special dinner – I need to eat what I want to eat on my birthday. Whether Matt and I go out for dinner or we make nachos at home, it’s got to be delicious and it’s got to be my choice. This year we went out for steak the day before my birthday and on my birthday we had my family over for fajitas!
  5. A new haircut – this usually happens a week before or after my birthday. I love getting a fresh new cut for spring and to ring in my birthday. Since I was in Toronto the week before my birthday, I made an appointment at Civello (where I’ve been going for years) and chopped off quite a bit for spring. I was so ready for a change and I love my new ‘do!IMG_4743

xo Elizabeth

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