beaded barrette


I’m sure you’ve been seeing this trend lately of pearl barrettes – they’re such a cute and easy way to elevate your hairstyle. I haven’t worn a barrette in awhile but I’m happy to hop on board with this trend, especially with this fun and super simple DIY.

When it initially occurred to me how easy it would be to make one of these barrettes I assumed I’d find some pearl beads, buy a simple hair clip or barrette and get the hot glue gun out. Turns out, I found these stick-on pearls so I didn’t need to use the glue gun after all.





I found the rose gold barrette at Walmart and found the gold ones at Dollarama. I can tell the rose gold one is much sturdier but the gold ones will also work just fine. The pearl stick-on beads were in the craft/beading section of Walmart for a whopping $1! I simply stuck the beads on the barrette and ta-da! I can say that after snapping the barrette into my hair one of the pearls shifted so I think the next time I make one I will coat the barrette with some glue just for some added staying power.


Give this fun DIY a try if you’re looking for a new hair accessory.

xo Elizabeth

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